There is beauty to be found in the darkness in your life…


  Share this with your loved ones if this gave you a little bit of hope today. We are all waiting to see our masterpieces revealed! We all go through struggle and trials but none of us go it alone!   Read more…

Passion for Your Dream


If we don’t engage our hearts in what we do… we wander aimlessly, and take passing moments for granted. Having a sense of purpose for our lives, & being able to dream are what keep us from being lost. What life is worth living if we do not engage with our whole heart? I find […] Read more…

Enchanting Beauty: Auburn Bridge at Sunset ~ Travel Photography (Auburn, CA)


“Each person is created with an intrinsic desire to
experience and possess beauty. Inside every soul is
hidden a breathtaking beauty and glory that is just
waiting to be captured, and is part of an inspiring
story just waiting to be told. This wonder and
fascination with beauty is a piece of what makes us
who we are. We all want our breath taken away and
to be nothing less than enchanted.” Read more…