WOW! I’ve hit 500 likes on my Facebook Page!


Facebook Page

WOW! I’ve hit 500 likes on my Facebook Page!!

Thanks to you all, my amazing cheerleaders. I wouldn’t be continuing on this path without all the love and support from you beautiful people! I am so grateful for how much God has blessed me through this business over the last 9 years. I can’t believe so much time has passed. Its been a long road, having to start and then restart my business from scratch two more times after moving out of and back into California. But it has been so worth it too be able to watch your beautiful families grow up, lovers meet and get married, and teenagers graduate high school and start off for college. It means the world to me that you have allowed me to be apart of both the big and little milestones in your lives.

In case you missed it, in honor of this milestone I am offering double the 8×10 prints to the first three people who book my fall mini session from this page.(

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